Yu Beihua, Fu Fan Visit CPC Jing'an District Committee, Jing'an District People's Government

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On July 4, Yu Beihua, Secretary of the CPC SIG Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors; Fu Fan, Vice Secretary of the CPC SIG Committee and President of SIG; and Gu Jianzhong, Vice President of SIG called on An Lusheng, Secretary of the CPC Jing'an District Committee; Lu Xiaodong, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Jing'an District Committee and Head of Yangpu District; and Li Weiping, Chairwoman of the Jing'an District People's Congress.

The CPC Jing'an District Committee and the Jing'an District People's Government have strongly supported SIG in reform deepening, state-owned asset operation and equity management over the years, said Yu. In the future, SIG will further deepen multi-level cooperation with Jing'an based on its development, learn Jing'an's rich experience in Party building and strengthen the cooperation in Party building, he added. Fu introduced SIG's efforts in deepening the reform of state-owned assets and enterprises and intensifying the distribution of state-owned assets. He hoped that SIG would exert its professional advantage to join the reform of Jing'an-based state-owned assets and enterprises.

As an important municipal state-owned enterprise, SIG has made remarkable contributions to regional economic development, the two sides have maintained longstanding communication and cooperation, and Jing'an would further improve services to support the development of SIG, said An. Lu introduced Jing'an's efforts in optimizing its business environment, adding that Jing'an would continue to serve and support the reform and development of SIG.

The heads of the Administration Office and CPC Office of SIG accompanied Yu, Fu and Gu for the visit.




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