Dec Shanghai Commercial Paper Exchange Was Officially Launched In December 2016, Shanghai Commercial Paper Exchange was opened. The Commercial Paper Exchange is an important platform for the financial factor market development of Shanghai. SIG s investment in the Commercial Paper Exchange will strategically facilitate its contribution to making Shanghai an international financial center.
Jun Shanghai Insurance Exchange was Established In June 2016, Shanghai Insurance Exchange was officially launched. The SIG`s participation in the establishment of Shanghai Insurance Exchange marks its role as a local state-owned capital operating platform, and its contribution to the financial factor market development in Shanghai.
Dec Shanghai Equity Exchange Officially Launched the Technology Innovation Board In December, 2015, Shanghai Equity Exchange officially launched the technolo- gy innovation board. The first batch of 27 companies were listed, which has further expanded the capital market service and support for high-tech, innovative SMEs, and is a progress towards building a multi-level capital market system.
Nov SSAO, SIG`s Subsidiary, Issued Five-year Corporate Bond Worth 3 Billion Yuan In November 2015, SIG’s subsidiary Shanghai State-owned Assets Operation Co., Ltd. issued five-year corporate bond worth 3 billion yuan, after CSRC amended the “Administration Methods for the Issuance and Trading of Corporate Debt” which allow non-listed companies to issue corporate bonds. It is the city s first large publicly offered instrument. Since then, SIG has opened up the channel connecting to the capital market and shifted from indirect financing to direct financing.
Sep SIG and Shanghai Juneyao Group Co., Ltd. Signed Transfer Agreement In September 2015, SIG and Shanghai Juneyao Group Co., Ltd. signed the agreement under which SIG will transfer all its equity stake in AJ Group to Juneyao Group in a market-oriented manner, which will help AJ Group become a private company again and diversify its business operations.
Sep SIG Officially Completed the Integration of Jinjiang Shipping and SIPG In September 2015, SIG officially completed the integration of Jinjiang Shipping and Shanghai International Port Group (SIPG), which is the first major local SOAs operation project in Shanghai. After the project was completed, SIG paid the operating earnings in full to the government, making a bigger contribution of SOAs proceeds to the redistribution of the local socio-economic develop-ment, providing strong support to Shanghai people’s livelihood, urban development and the growth of strategic emerging industries.
Aug SIG Asset Management Co., Ltd., SIG`S Subsidiary, Registered Mid-Term Bond In August 2015, SIG`s subsidiary Shanghai International Group Assets Management Co., Ltd. registered a (3+2)-year 2-billion-yuan mid-term notes project with National Association of Financial Market Institutional Investors (NAFMII), and in November of the same year issued the first phase amounting to 500 million yuan. This effectively reduces the financial costs, optimizes the debt structure, effectively enhances the company’s credit image and paves the ground for the subsequent development of innovative financial products.
Jan SIG and SPD Bank Signed Memorandum In January 2015, SIG and SPD Bank signed a memorandum concerning the management arrangements for Shanghai International Trust Co., Ltd and its main subsidiaries, marking a substantial progress for SPD Bank’ s acquisition of Shanghai International Trust Co., Ltd. In September, Shanghai International Trust Co., Ltd. handed over its managerial rights to SPD Bank, so the vertical integration between Shanghai International Trust Co., Ltd. and SPD Bank was basically completed. An operating platform for state-owned assets was created, and the mix of local state-owned capital was further optimized.
Dec SIG Taking the Lead to Build the First State-Owned Capital Operation Platform In December 2014, SIG taking the lead to build the first state-owned capital operation platform in China was ranked among “Top Ten Events 2014 for the Development of Shanghai International Financial Center”.
Jun Mr. Han Zheng Visited SIG In June 2014, Han Zheng, Member of the CPC Central Com- mittee Political Bureau and Secre-tary of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, visited SIG. Secretary Han made clear the functional positioning and current task of SIG, expressed high expectation on the development strategy of SIG.
Jun SIG and SIIC Held a Hand-Over Ceremony of Financial and Real Estate Assets From June to September, 2014, SIG and Shanghai Industrial Investment (Holdings) Company Ltd. held a hand-over ceremony of their financial and real estate assets. Then SIG handed over its stake in Shanghai Securities Co., Ltd. and its post-doctoral research station to Guotai Junan Securities Co., Ltd. SIG is promoting vertical and horizontal integrations of assets across sectors, preliminarily completing the establishment of state-owned capital operation platform.
Dec SIG Awarded With Several Titles of Honor n 2013, SIG was awarded several titles of honor: Advanced Unit of Open and Democratic Administration, Top Ten Units of Open and Democratic Administration in Shanghai 2011-2012, and Shanghai May 1 Labor Award.
Jan Three Events Championed by SIG Awarded In January 2013, three events championed by SIG: Sailing Capital International Fund was launched, Shanghai Equity Exchange was officially open, SPD Silicon Valley Bank started operation, were listed among “Top Ten Events 2012 for the Development of Shanghai International Financial Center” .
Dec Shao Yaliang, President of SIG, Awarded as Top Ten Financiers In December 2012, Shao Yaliang, President of SIG, won the title as Top Ten Financiers of Shanghai 2012.
Feb Sailing Capital Management Co., Ltd. Officially Launched by SIG In February 2012, Sailing Capital Management Co., Ltd., launched by SIG, was officially established, and com- pleted the first-round fund-raising amounting to RMB 12 billion yuan. The startup of Sailing Capital Management was an important step in exploring channels for RMB inter- nationalization to meet the demand of enterprises going global and boosted the bilateral flow of financial resources.
Feb Shanghai Equity Exchange was Established In February 2012, Shanghai Equity Exchange was established. As controlling shareholder of Shanghai Equity Exchange,...
Sep SIG Completed the Issuance of First Mid-term Notes Amounting to ¥5 Billion In September 2010, SIG completed the issuance of the first mid-term notes amounting to 5 billion yuan. This marked a significant innovation and break- through with financing and pioneered a new channel of direct financing.
Jun Shanghai Financial Sector Development Fund Sponsored by SIG was Launched In June 2010, Shanghai Financial Sector Development Fund sponsored mainly by SIG was launched, which is the first pilot sector fund focusing on the financial industry approved by the State Council and the State Reform and Development Commission.
Apr SIG Acquired Shanghai State-owned Assets Operation Co., Ltd. In April 2007, SIG acquired Shanghai State-owned Assets Operation Co., Ltd., with its registered capital increased to 10.55884 billion yuan by December 2007, while further expanding its portfolio of financial assets.
Dec SIG Co-founded Tullett Prebon SITICO (China) Ltd., the First Inter-dealer Broker In December 2005, SIG co-founded Tullett Prebon SITICO (China) Ltd., the first inter-dealer brokering company in China.
May SIG Set Up Post-Doctoral Research Station In May 2002, SIG set up the post-doctoral research station, which is the first post-doctoral research station in the financial sector in Shanghai.
Apr Shanghai International Group (SIG) Officially Incorporated In April 2000, Shanghai International Group (SIG) was incorporated with a registered capital of 5 billion yuan. SIG has a number of subsidiaries of trust, securities, investment management, industrial investment, bidding agency, real estate, import and export, Tongda Real Estate, East China Enterpises and assets operations,etc.
Feb SITICO Set Up HuaAn Fund Management Co., Ltd. In June 1998, SITICO set up HuaAn Fund Management Co., Ltd., one of the first fund management companies approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission.
Nov SITICO Launched and Managed Shanghai Development Fund and Jinlong Fund In November 1993, SITICO sponsored and managed Shanghai Development Fund and Jinlong Fund (now HuaAn Growth Stock Fund). Shanghai Development Fund is the first mutual fund in Shanghai registered and listed overseas, and Jinlong Fund is one of the first RMB-denominated mutual funds set up in Shanghai.
Dec Shanghai International Trust & Investment Co., Ltd was Published as the New Name In December 1992, Shanghai Investment & Trust Co., Ltd. was renamed Shanghai International Trust & Investment Co., Ltd(SITICO). The new name matched better with the portfolio, business scope and organization structure of the company, and was helpful for the company to operate in the international financial market.
Feb Shanghai Investment & Trust Co., Ltd. set up Shanghai Wanguo Securities In July 1989, Shanghai Investment & Trust Co., Ltd. sponsored the first joint stock securities company: Shanghai Wanguo Securities.
Jan Mr. Jiang Zemin Visited Shanghai Investment & Trust Co., Ltd. In January 1989, Jiang Zemin, then Secretary of CPC Shanghai Municipal Com- mittee visited Shanghai Investment & Trust Co., Ltd. Photo: Jiang Zemin, then Secretary of CPC Shang- hai Municipal Committee (Second from Right)
Jan Shanghai Investment&Trust Co., Ltd. Issued Yen-dominated Bonds In June 1988, Shanghai Investment&Trust Co., Ltd. issued yen-dominated bonds in Europe amounting to 15 billion yen. It was the first time that a financial institution in Shanghai entered the European market.
Feb Shanghai Investment&Trust Co., Ltd. Established a Number of Subsidiaries From 1987 to 1991, Shanghai Investment&Trust Co., Ltd. established a number of subsidiaries in various sectors, including import and export, manufacturing, international consultancy, bidding agency, real estate and Pudong branch. Also it set up offices in San Francisco of the USA, Hamburg of Germany, and Tokyo of Japan.
Feb Shanghai Investment&Trust Co., Ltd. Issued 25 billion Yen of Public Debt In January 1986, Shanghai Invest- ment & Trust Co., Ltd. issued 25 billion Yen of public debt (150 million USD at the then exchange rate) in Tokyo. This was the first time that a financial institution of Shanghai had raised any fund overseas by issuing bonds.
Jul Shanghai Investment & Trust Co., Ltd. Was Officially Established In July 1981, Shanghai Investment & Trust Co., Ltd. was officially established as one of the ten institutions designated by the State Council for overseas financing. Its incorporation was a boost to the opening up program of Shanghai and positioned Shanghai as an international economic powerhouse and port city
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