Chairman`s Message

Shanghai International Group was born upon the Huangpu River when the high tide of reform and opening swept through the whole country. For decades since its birth, SIG has stood at the forefront of Shanghai’s reform and opening-up campaign, and has created a number of industry records and breakthroughs, and made constructive contributions to the socio-economic development of Shanghai.

In retrospect, SIG is proud of its performances. It has taken the responsibility as the manager of local financial state-owned capital and given full play to its role as the platform of state-owned financial capital, while the city is building itself into an international financial center. By virtue of its financial expertise and investment experience, SIG has expanded and strengthened the financial institutions of Shanghai, promoted the financial factor market system and development of functional institutions, and delivered a strong financial support for the development of the real economy.

With strong confidence, SIG is making major progress. According to the “Decision of the Central Committee of Communist Party of China on Some Major Issues Concerning Comprehensively Deepening the Reform of SOAs and SOEs” and the “Opinions of the Shanghai Municipal Government on Further Deepening the Reform State-owned Assets and Promoting Enterprise Development”, SIG will transform itself from a financial and investment holding group into a state-owned capital operation platform. With a strong sense of historic mission and responsibility, SIG has actively explored innovative ways to promote vertical and horizontal integrations of financial SOAs, conduct cross-sectional transfer, and built itself into a state-owned capital operation platform. It is committed to making a solid foundation for deepening the reform of SOAs and SOEs in Shanghai and promoting the social and economic development of the city via improving the competitiveness and efficiency of state-owned capital, and maximizing the efficiency of state-owned capital through professional investment management.

Looking ahead, SIG is embracing an even brighter future. “ Mounting long winds and breaking heavy waves, we will set straight the cloudy sail and bridge the deep sea.” With the blueprint made, we’ll embark on the way ahead. SIG will play its new role of “two major players and one channel”, make steady progress based on the “Twin-wheel” strategy: state-owned capital operation and state-owned capital investment management, thus creating a new and highly efficient state-owned capital operation platform. Let’s join our hands and conquer every challenge. We are convinced that SIG will continue its glory as the forerunner of reform and innovation.             

Chairman of SIG

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