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The State of Social Media 2012


From Pinterest to billion view youtube videos Social Media has and will continue to change life as we know it.  Check out some of the amazing statistics in this infographic by The SEO Company and Nowsourcing:

State of Social Media 2012

Authorized Carbonite Reseller

Carbonite Authorized Reseller
We are excited to announce we are now an Authorized Carbonite Reseller!

With more than 1 million subscribers in over 100 countries, Carbonite is a leading provider of online backup for both home and small businesses. To date, Carbonite has backed up nearly 200 billion files – backing up 300 million files each day – and has restored over 7 billion files, that otherwise would have been lost forever.

Read more about Carbonite here and contact us for a special limited time discount.

Technology and Baseball

Technology and baseball is a great combination.  This video is a look behind the scenes of how baseball goes from the stadiums to you at home or wherever you are. Go Rays!

Adding Google Maps back to iOS6

Well after the much anticipated iOS6 release and the new Apple Maps has failed us miserably you may be wondering if you can get Google Maps back. There’s no doubt that Apple won’t be letting back in their approved only app store so we have to get it another way. Luckily Google has made that easy for us as the HTML App version will nicely and easily get added back to our new iDevices. All you have to do is follow these three quick steps and you’ll be good to go:

  1. Using Safari, go to Safari icon
  2. Then for a short time you will see a floating menu asking if you’d like to add Google Maps to your home screen

  3. Click on the arrow to add and it brings up your choices which includes “add to your home screen”
  4. Next you can name it, it defaults to Google Maps so you can leave the name as Google Maps or rename as you like

  5. Enjoy!

You posted what?!?

Most people will try to Google themselves but did you realize that almost 80% of job recruiters will check out your online life and 70% of them have rejected someone because of what they found? While it may seem harmless or funny at the time make sure what you are wanting to share is worth it. The graphic below from will help you out if you aren’t sure if you should post something.

To Post or Not to Post Infographic